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The WTM Centurion Centre has been established because it is of THE utmost importance that this reconciling, redeeming and rehabilitating understanding of the human condition is communicated far and wide to liberate and transform humanity.

In addition to reading and watching the material provided on this website, we strongly urge you to visit the WTM’s website at to access all the free resources — essays, videos and books — available there. If you haven’t already, we especially recommend you watch THE Interview (TI) and then the main video collection that follows it, because TI is the ultimate tool for quickly understanding Jeremy’s ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation of the human condition.

We also encourage people to subscribe to the WTM’s mailing list to be notified of free, interactive, live events with Jeremy and others that are hosted on the WTM’s website, as well as on its Facebook Group — a beautiful, booming community where everyone is learning about and sharing in the excitement of the genuinely new world that this understanding brings!